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Multifocal Contact Lens FAQ

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What are multifocal soft contact lenses?

Multifocal soft contact lenses used in these studies are specifically designed to provide clear distance vision centrally while also addressing the peripheral defocus which stops the signal telling the eye to elongate.

Is it permanent?

No. Continued use of multifocal contacts is necessary to maintain clear distance vision and correct the peripheral focus issue that tells the eye to elongate, resulting in increasing myopia.

Can everyone wear multifocal contacts?

Most children can be successfully fit with these lenses. Not all refractive errors make good candidates. Your doctor will evaluate your prescription and make appropriate recommendations.

How long does it take to reach good vision?

Most patients can achieve good distance vision within 20-30 minutes of wearing the lenses. There may be some fitting adjustments necessary to “fine tune” the vision.

Why are 6-month follow-up appointments necessary?

The reduction in myopia that occurs depends on maintaining both optimal central distance vision and continuing to correct the relative peripheral hyperopia. The 6-month appointment is required to update and adjust the powers in order to maintain the optimal correction.

Are there any age restrictions for myopia management?

No. The FDA has no restrictions on fitting and use of multifocal contact lenses. Studies included patients ages 6-19, with the majority between 7-10 years old.

Will any of the treatments completely stop myopic progression?

No, the goal of treatment is to significantly reduce the amount of myopia and lower risks to ophthalmic health related to high myopia.

Isn’t it all just genetic?

No! Genetics may be responsible for development of myopia, but it is possible to modify progression with optical defocus intervention and lifestyle modifications.