Contact Lens/Specialty Lens Exams

The field of contacts lenses has changed dramatically in recent years.  Many more patients than ever before are enjoying the flexibility of wearing contact lenses.

In order for Dr. Bomse to fit you in the most appropriate lenses, you will have tests/measurements that are not necessary for routine exams.  In addition, we will discuss your lifestyle and the activities you would like to use contact lenses for.  As part of the fitting process, you will receive trial lenses that allow you to evaluate your comfort and vision with the lenses and let Dr. Bomse to evaluate the fit of the lenses.   If you have not previously worn contacts, you will need to schedule a time for one-on-one training on inserting, removing and caring for your lenses.

At Family Eye Care, we maintain a large selection of trial lenses including lenses for astigmatism, bifocals, monovision and dry eyes.  We do our best to provide trials at the time of the exam, however; there are times where lenses will need to be ordered and patients will need to return to the office.

Dr. Bomse strives to provide creative options for patients who have not been able to wear lenses in the past.

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